Iyengar Coffee Café Pvt Ltd is a company committed to quality and excellence, with its directors hailing from the coffee loving town of Tamil Nadu- Kumbakonam. The company was soft launched a few years ago with its owners acquiring stakes in various coffee estates as investors and co-owners. In the year 2013, the company was formally launched when they were ready with their own seeds and blend. e of launching the coffee powder dealers and seek to provide franchising rights.

The directors have been deeply familiar with the taste of this coffee and they yearn to promote the loved culture of coffee across the globe to bring brisk smiles upon the faces of a million individuals.

The seeds are carefully selected from the best locations and it is ensured that the best of the same is handpicked at all times. A blend is made to suit the multifarious of needs of the various sections of the society, and the roasting and grinding of the seeds are done under hygienic conditions with an automated system of packing.

The blends we offer

Degree Coffee Blend at 85/15 coffee and chicory - PREMIUM

Best suited for coffee lovers who prefer strong and good flavoured coffee; a variant flawlessly suitable for Degree coffee lovers.

Core Commerical 70/30 coffee and chicory - RICH

Best suited for commercial establishments like hotels , caterers and road side coffee outlets who seek to sell optimum coffee.

Pure Coffee 100 percent purest of the coffee - CLASSIC

A tasteful mix of Plantation/Peabury and Robusta creating an amalgam of A grade mild coffee for coffee lovers who look for flavor.

Coffee with 5 % chicory blend - DELIGHT

For all coffee lovers, who are fond of thick and flavoured rich coffee.

We are learning from our esteemed customers and are in the process of bringing more blends to suit their various needs. We are committed to quality and timely delivery.

We are in the process of establishing dealers all across India. Attractive Commission offered on sales Contact Us Now